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Based on my message last week, I’d like for those of you over 45 years of age to make yourself available for a younger person ...
Our secular government can tell us what our rights are, but only God can tell us what is right. Here is an interview that I did on CNN with Poppy Harlow.
This weekend I'm off to Ferguson again to help build bridges in a community where the history between police and African American citizens are broken. The irony is that similar bridges are out in my own backyard. Over the last week there have been boiling over riots here in Baltimore.

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“Wisdom comes from God. Advice comes from man. Discernment is knowing the difference between the two.”
An excerpt from “Gracism: The Art of Inclusion”.
Is racism a sin? And if so, who must repent? A panel of faith leaders met Thursday evening at Northland, A Church Distributed in Longwood to tackle these and other weighty issues, during a discussion about the role religion can play in improving race relations in Central Florida and beyond.