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This sad, heartbreaking milestone brings with it the perfect storm of social issues in our divided nation that is in the midst of a presidential election season; guns, gays, and radical Islamic terrorism.

Columbia, MD - On Thursday May 19th, Dr. David Anderson will lead a discussion on race, religion, and relationships at the United Nations headquarters in New York, New York. The World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship is brought to the UN as a partnership with the United Nations Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAO) with the support of the United States Mission to the UN and the United States Department of State. Dr.

Dr. David Anderson discusses political issues with election hopeful’s a week before the primaries.

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What are millennials about? Why do they get so much hate? As gracists, it is our job to extend positive favor regardless of, and sometimes because of, color, class, or culture. Millennials are a culture. Spreading this negativity is not only directly going against our mission as the Church, but also our vision as multi-cultural bridge builders.
Rev. Bennett, much like Dr. Anderson, considers himself a bridge builder within his community. He shares in the vision of Dr. Anderson and wants to teach the message of gracism.

"You can't make someone reconcile with you. You do your best, then let God do the rest."