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On Tuesday, October 13, 2015, Bishop TD Jakes, Senior Pastor of The Potter's House will visit Bridgeway Community Church as a guest on RealTalk with Dr. David Anderson, and will be accessible for signings of his latest book, DESTINY: Step Into Your Purpose.
Based on my message last week, I’d like for those of you over 45 years of age to make yourself available for a younger person ...
Our secular government can tell us what our rights are, but only God can tell us what is right. Here is an interview that I did on CNN with Poppy Harlow.

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Opinions: Why 'Black Lives Matter' to Us All (10/28/2015)
Here's my view on the Black Lives Matter movement from a bridge building perspective, friends.
“Wisdom comes from God. Advice comes from man. Discernment is knowing the difference between the two.”
An excerpt from “Gracism: The Art of Inclusion”.