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Already on heightened alert because of the week’s activities at the United Nations and the Clinton Global Initiative, security in New York was even tighter following an explosion in the Chelsea area of the city over the weekend. Nevertheless, Dr. Anderson and a small team came into the city to help build bridges of reconciliation and spread the message of Gracism.

The United Nations General Assembly was underway and the City That Never Sleeps was full of citizens of the globe representing their home countries.

Dr. David Anderson will be speaking at the Leadership Howard County general membership kickoff breakfast on Friday, September 23, 2016.  He will be inspiring the key leaders of Howard County and talking about building bridges across the racial and cultural divide. Don't miss this opportunity to hear Dr.
1st Lady of Maryland visited with Dr. Anderson to discuss ways to help build bridges for those who need assistance in Baltimore. Dr. Anderson appreciates Yumi and her husband, Gov. Larry Hogan, for reaching out

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Interests: 7th printing of Gracism (9/15/2016)

A little personal victory for Dr. Anderson on September 13, 2016. He came home and opened his mail to find this book and note from his publisher, InterVarsity Press. 7th printing of Gracism! Thank you, God. #embracegracism

Opinions: Get the Mess Out of Here! (9/02/2016)
God's system of sanitation for your soul is confession and repentance. Cleanse and get the mess out!