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The American church must do better in providing spiritual leadership toward a healing response.
Opinions: Blessed are the Peacemakers (8/25/2014)
African American preacher, author and radio talk show host David Anderson talks to Leslie Dwight MENSAH about reconciliation and why Ghana should fan the flames of unity.
Opinions: Wisdom Wednesday : Recreation (6/19/2014)
Wisdom Wednesday -Summer Break As we try to take breaks this summer remember to take time to recreate. Recreation is a gift from God. He creates and we re-create.
David, the psalmist, said in Psalm 103:1-5 that there are 5 benefits when we bless the Lord. A relationship of praise to God with ALL of our inmost being leads to beautiful benefits. Notice them in the passage below.
Opinions: Wisdom Wednesday : Reflection (6/05/2014)
Wisdom Wednesday – Reflection at the End of Our 22nd Ministry Year Reflection can be sobering. Reflection can be humbling. Reflection can be honoring. As I reflect over another year of ministry leadership I am profoundly aware of how quickly a ministry year can fly by. This time last year we were, as a family, preparing for our firstborn to head off to his first year of college.