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The American church must do better in providing spiritual leadership toward a healing response.
Hundreds of churches gather on the steps of Capitol Hill, marking the annual "National Day of Prayer." Gigi Barnett of WJZ, CBS Baltimore, reports.
Columbia, MD - Dr. David Anderson, founder and Senior Pastor of Bridgeway Community Church in Columbia, Maryland, has been invited to deliver a prayer of reconciliation for the nation on the steps of the US Capitol on May 1, 2014, during ceremonies for the National Day of Prayer.

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3 Reasons to Bless The World
An excerpt from " Gracism : The Art of Inclusion " PRAYER One very practical way we can lift each other up is through prayer. Interceding on behalf of others who are underappreciated, undervalued, on the fringes, or different is a great way to elevate your care and concern for them.
Opinions: Blessed are the Peacemakers (8/25/2014)
African American preacher, author and radio talk show host David Anderson talks to Leslie Dwight MENSAH about reconciliation and why Ghana should fan the flames of unity.