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Have you ever had a bad day? Nothing goes right. You stub your toe. Someone dings your car door. Gas is low as you are running so late that a stop at the gas station would only make you later. Wisdom screams for you to stop for gas…and you do. But now you are really late. At least you made it for the second half of your appointment with apologies in toe. All of this is before 8:30am. Ever have one of these kind of days?
What does Colossians 2:2, 1 Thessalonians 5:11, and Hebrews 10:25 have in common? All three passages of scripture talk about encouraging one another. Why is encouragement encouraged?

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Interests: Is an Online Church Really a Church? (4/02/2014)
Every church should have an online presence, but a physical presence is necessary as well.
Some people like direct communication. "Give it to me straight ", they say. Others prefer a more round about way of calculating their ideas before bluntly speaking. I had a fantastic learning experience during a recent staff development day with my employees. Out of approximately 40 people in the room, half of them stood up when I requested for all who prefer direct communication to stand. What a visual learning moment that was for me.