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A meeting of leaders from around the world convene this week in New York City, with the goal of rallying around solutions to the world's problems.
The American church must do better in providing spiritual leadership toward a healing response.
Hundreds of churches gather on the steps of Capitol Hill, marking the annual "National Day of Prayer." Gigi Barnett of WJZ, CBS Baltimore, reports.

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Opinions: Reflections From Ferguson, MO (11/12/2014)
I cannot list out everything of significance, but I can testify to the countless words of affirmation from the police chief to the protestors. The chief said that out of 91 days of meetings, there were only 3 that were productive. Two out of three of those meetings were ours.
Opinions: Wisdom Word : Let's Bless the World (9/15/2014)
3 Reasons to Bless The World
An excerpt from " Gracism : The Art of Inclusion " PRAYER One very practical way we can lift each other up is through prayer. Interceding on behalf of others who are underappreciated, undervalued, on the fringes, or different is a great way to elevate your care and concern for them.