For Custom African attire please email -

In the spirit of Dr. Anderson's 30th anniversary in marriage and ministry, he wants to bless 30 small businesses. One business is of a seamstress with the passion to create opportunity for others.

Gladys was an orphan as a small child. She decided to learn how to sew in order to be able to clothe other orphans. Gladys learned how to sew as a young teenager. Her desire and passion is to one day have a foundation where she will be able to create opportunities for other orphans. She has set up a small shop in Kibera, Kenya close to a market where she is able to get fabrics and design clothes. If you are interested in supporting Gladys and having Kenyan custom attire please follow the steps below.

NOTE: Please understand that Gladys’s shop is not a licensed or established business. She is a humble and talented woman who is trying to fulfill her dream. When ordering clothes there are no returns, refunds or exchanges. All orders are prepaid and final.

Steps to order.

1. Search on google or anywhere and provide a picture of what you would like made.

2. Submit picture of clothes you wish to have made to

3. A measurement chart will be sent to you so that you can have a professional seamstress or tailor measure you. Please follow the charts provided and make sure to have all 23 measurement points submitted. These measurements requested are the same for men, women and children.

4. Provide a picture of yourself standing straight on and from the back.

5. Provide your full name, contact number, email and shipping address.

6. You will receive a response within 48 hours with the price of the desired clothes and materials to choose from.

7. Once the clothes are paid in full we will submit the order. The clothes will take 6 to 8 weeks to arrive to Maryland. Once it has arrived you will be contacted for pick up or delivery.